A grand idea is born.

It all started playing at the Woodland golf course in Texas in 2012. After reaching that perfect blood-alcohol-level for golfing (a few too many Millers), another great shot ended up behind a tree. The guy I was playing with suggested I use the foot wedge. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He explained it’s a club everyone has — just kick the ball out from the bad lye and continue the game. This “technique” successfully set me up for the next shot.

It was at that point the creative, Miller-induced ideas started flying.

I realized that this is a club that people actually need. However, it should also do more than simply punt the ball from behind trees. The Foot Wedge Pro needs to be able to open a bottle of whatever you’re drinking. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it needs to serve as an actual club. Thus, the 52-degree gap wedge was born.


To my surprise, my invention was not the first on the green.

The first patent in 1962 was a fair attempt at a working club, using technology that was available at the time. The rest of them leaned more towards the goofy and impractical, likely developed by hippies and festival-goers. Thankfully, the Foot Wedge Pro has proven to be the most useful and functioning club in its class.

The many evolutionary stages

I began to work with a friend in Minneapolis on the design. After many months, prototypes and beverages of a certain persuasion, we had a product that was starting to look like a useable club.

Locating the manufacturer was the next challenge. After inquiring with several companies both within and out of the states, I found a golf club manufacturer who was happy to assist. They provided helpful, intuitive feedback with some of the finer technical elements, leading to the last prototype. After some rigorous testing on the field, the final design was approved, and the first limited run was ordered.

Okay, enough backstory already. Here’s how to order yours.